WhatsApp for Mac is evolving and releasing its best update yet

After months and months of waiting, we finally have the WhatsApp that macOS deserves

Finally, after months of waiting, we can now say: WhatsApp is now native to Apple Silicon chips in macOS. The Mac app for the service has been updated by adopting interface changes that were already in Windows and with its code rewritten to run much faster on modern Macs.

Changing the structure is not the only new thing in WhatsApp for Mac: thanks to this, the application can now Support video calls with up to 8 different people Or make voice calls with up to 32 different people. Complete level to better stand against competing services.

Better interface and better performance

I have to say, after installing the new app on my Mac Mini, I quickly appreciated the change. Apart from the sleek interface, WhatsApp is now faster. Loading messages without waiting several seconds before and the response time is much better. It’s still not perfect (I still appreciate some interface lag), but the improvement is noticeable.

This app has been in beta for months, but it’s not yet available to everyone. The request came from afar: the previous version that was used until now It was so slow that it became an obvious flaw Quickly compared to alternatives like Signal or Telegram, as well as iMessage itself.

This new version of WhatsApp for Mac is now available for everyone to download, the only requirement is that you have macOS 11 Big Sur or a later version of the system installed. Of course, for now you have to do that Download it from the official website Because the Mac App Store version is still out of date. It will probably be updated in a few days.

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