The final moment of the Rubiales case, live: the presidents of the Spanish Football Federation demand the resignation of Luis Rubiales

Espanyol shows its “disapproval and indignation” at Rubiales’ speech

This was shown in a statement:

And the statement read: “After convening the extraordinary general assembly of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, and awaiting the decisions that this sports and judicial body can take regarding the position of its president, Luis Rubiales, during the dispute over the Women’s World Cup final.” In Sydney and the subsequent celebration, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona wants to show up His condemnation and disapproval of the modus operandi of the highest executive position in the Spanish Football Federationas well as for their clarifications and statements they made today.

In this sense, the images seen during the celebration of the World Football Championship achieved by the women’s national team came Unacceptable and indecent As soon as we hear clarifications, we will move to demand the immediate removal or removal of the President by the agencies authorized to do so.

The RCD Espanyol, which did not participate in this extraordinary assembly, has always been active and courageous in its Report behaviors and attitudes that we have deemed unfair or unacceptableAlthough sometimes this can have negative consequences for our being. We will continue to do so in the future because these are our values.

club too He wants to show his full support for Jennifer Hermoso. We deeply regret that these events – far from exemplary and professional behavior – may underestimate the importance of the historic achievement of the Spanish national team.

We firmly believe in the importance of setting an example through good leadership and in Promote an atmosphere in which everyone is treated with respect, dignity and equality.

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