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If you are one of those who chat with emojis in Then you should read this. With it, you can send all kinds of multimedia messages from GIF to Word or PDF documents in case you forgot them on your home computer. But there are more things that users are not well explained about and are related to emojis.

Nowadays, many like to use emojis to better focus their conversations on Among some we have yellow faces of all kinds of expressions, as well as objects, professions, sports, food, geometric shapes, Chinese characters, and others.

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But what most users want to know is the meaning of hearts, specifically blue hearts. Why is it so popular? Do you have anything specific? Is it just expressing love or something else? Well, here we will tell you about it. Take note.

For this we must turn to a well-known website that will remove all doubts about the emojis that are presented in , from those who have an implicit meaning to those who necessarily need a second look.

What does the blue heart mean in WhatsApp?

As mentioned, the main source for discovering the true meaning of all the emojis of it’s a . It takes care of compiling the symbols from their version to the symbols that have just been added by Unicode.

In the case of the blue heart, also known as blue heart, has references to water. So, if you send it to someone, it makes them feel calm and calm, without despair. It also conveys an unwavering love.

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Find out what the blue heart really means on WhatsApp and when to use it. (Photo: mag)

Emojipedia also adds that this symbol is used by various brands to express neutrality in the face of some kind of problem.

blue heart Approved as part of In 2010 and in addition to in 2015.

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