Hydraulics – Dr. ñigo Losada, Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association for Research in Environmental Hydraulics

Founded in 1935, and International Association for Aquatic Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) is an independent global organization of water engineers and professionals working in fields related to aquatic ecology and its practical applications. It has more than 4,000 individual members and 250 institutions and centers in the sector. Lifetime Achievement Award awarded In honor of Professor Muhammed Selim Yalinis a leader in river hydraulics and sediment transport research and has been awarded biennially since 2007 and recognizes – explains the University of California – work “experimental, theoretical or numerical research that has made significant contributions to hydraulic science or engineering and has demonstrated extraordinary skills in training researchers and specialists.”

IAHR will present the Losada Award in the framework of World Cup Conference Which the assembly plans to hold in June 2022 in Granada (this conference, attended by 2,000 to 3,000 people annually, was scheduled for June 2021, but was postponed for a year). The award in question has so far been awarded to two American experts, two Japanese, one New Zealander, and three Europeans, one of whom is Losada. He got it for his Meaningful and lasting contributions To understand the physics of phenomena and processes in hydraulic science and engineering; which has had a broad international impact in both applied engineering and policy making.” Losada described it as “a great joy the fact that the entire scientific community in my discipline has appreciated that my contributions have been enduring.”

Professor Dr. Engineer of Roads, Canals and Ports, wanted to explicitly acknowledge the importance of working in a public entity like the University of Cantabria, with which he was associated for 30 years: “You cannot separate the award to a person – as he said – from his work in an institution (…). Having people with these acknowledgments has something to do with In the institutional context, where it was possible to develop a good business.”

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Íñigo J. Losada, IAHR Lifetime Achievement Award: “I think it is important that what the committee that awarded me the award highlighted is important, which is the fact of linking science and my work with applied engineering and public policy support. I think that this is one of the environmental professions of the Institute of Hydraulics is very clear, and the fact that it is directly recognized is nothing more than recognition That the philosophy we develop at the institute, which is to bring the best science to decision making, is what our society needs right now and I hope to continue in this line for many years.”

Regarding the position and importance University of California Institute of Environmental Hydraulics For a society like Cantabria, Losada believes that “the presence of centers of reference and uniqueness should be a key factor in attracting talent”. But, according to Añigo Losada, “Not only is this enough, other types of initiatives, time and resources are needed to achieve a good group of researchers in the future.”

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