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The WhatsApp It is one of the applications in which many share not only text messages but also photos, videos, animated stickers, voice notes and even the funniest emojis. The latter were so popular that they were brought to the big screen in a movie in 2017. Although they did not do well at the box office, there is some curiosity behind them.

For example in The WhatsApp You can find emojis for all occasions: from famous yellow faces to professions, vegetables, fruits, hearts, objects, animals and more. But the ones that stand out are 9 cat emoticons.

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Do you know why there are nine? Why only cats and not dogs? Well, there are different explanations for its existence. Among them we observe some happy cats, others sad, some angry and some with the face of saints.

The truth is that in order to know for sure what it means, we must go to a page . However, in case there is a reason for their existence, well, here we are going to detail it so that you will clear all doubts about their use in The WhatsApp.

Why are there 9 cat emojis on WhatsApp

Cats, unlike dogs in European and Latin American countries, are considered in Asia as a pet of great wisdom, as shown . That is why they are represented by 9 expressions.

Although the number may be spooky, there are some articles suggesting that the presence of nine cat emojis on WhatsApp has something to do with it, according to the site. , because each one represents the god of Egyptian culture.

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Have you ever wondered why there are 9 cats in WhatsApp Emojis? (Photo: Debor)

“There are many countries such as Mexico, Peru, Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom that do not speak of seven, But nine lives (in cats). For this reason, going back to ancient Egypt, it is said that when some gods preside over eight The famous sun god Ralast joined Take the shape of a cat. In this way, with the cat already being transformed into a sacred animal, these deities were associated with 9 spirits,” says the site.

Some users even associate these WhatsApp cat emojis with the Seven Deadly Sins: pride, gluttony, greed, anger, lust, laziness and envy.

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