Comprehensive new emoji arrives: including a pregnant man

One of the most popular ways to communicate today is to use emoji Because with them you can be magnified feelings, whether positive or negative, thus expressing what may be difficult for some people with words. But emojis go further and they are showing us now emojipedia in total Comprehensive emoji.

Pregnant trans men of different races are shown holding their stomachs with both arms while looking calm. This could be a reflection of our days where there is more and more openness to sexual and gender expressions.

Photo: Emojipedia.

When will the universal emojis arrive?

Very soon, we will be able to see these emojis among the already extensive list of options on our Android and iOS phones. The update will come from the hands of Unicode, which is the consortium responsible for suggesting and organizing the emoji that we can see in all the instant messaging services on our phones like WhatsApp or Telegram.

This update was scheduled to arrive in 2020, but eventually had to be delayed. However, these blanket emojis could be approved in September 2021, so the updates will eventually be effective on our devices throughout the next year.

In addition to the blanket types, which are causing the most stir on social networks, we can also see a small, somewhat suggestive mouth biting his lower lip, or two hands making a heart, and another face slightly covering his eyes as if surprised and seeming to dissolve.

The latter is one of the most anticipated among emoji users after Unicode polled to find out what the users think.

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