What the first Nintendo event of 2021 left us

the first Nintendo DirectX There were great announcements, but there was news she grabbed the limelight as the new character of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate s Splatoon 3.

In the beginning we had the official show of Beira s Mithra As a new personality on the inside Super Smash Bros. UltimateAnd, although it wasn’t a fan speculation, she made a very good impression.

Another great advertisement was Arrive Fall guys a Nintendo Switch. A multiplayer game that has gained a lot of importance over the past year, but whose popularity has declined, it will be on console Nintendo.

There were also two important stories about the great Mario. The first was Mario Golf: Super Rush, The new title of the saga where we’ll have Mario And your buddies are playing golf with multiplayer modes.

The second news was cooperation Mario With Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One of the best selling games in history will have content inspired by the world of famous plumber and you can simulate levels Mario brothers. On your island.

Among other announcements was Who Ninja Gaiden: The Master Collection, Which will include the titles of the first three adventures Rio Hayabusa.

Preview from Monster Hunter Rise, Which will arrive on March 26th for Nintendo Switch, With a special version of the aforementioned console and controller.

About Link’s Adventures has officially become that sequel The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of the Wild It is still under development, but so that the wait is not boring, re-mastering The Legend of Zelda Sky Sword, Which will be available on July 16.

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In conclusion, a preview of Splatoon 3, Address will arrive in 2022.

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