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Colo Colo secures his place in the first division with a goal from a 19-year-old Argentine player

Santiago de Chile, February 17th (EFE). – Colo Colo confirmed his continuation in the Chilean Football League on Wednesday, beating Università de Concepcion 1-0 with a goal by 19-year-old Argentine winger Pablo Solari in a match. Play tense in the city of Talca. Thus Gustavo Quinteros’ men formed one of the worst campaigns in memory of Cacique in 96 years of history, which will take place on April 19. Solari, who appeared as a professional today because he was barely a reserve at Talires de Córdoba, scored today with a close shot in the 20th minute after dribbling two defenders in the area. In the final minutes of the match, the Argentine scored the second goal, but Al-Amoudi returned the ball. Colo Colo entered the match with seven casualties, both wounded and suspended, but managed to enforce its greatest traditions. The decisive meeting was followed across the country by the popular passion awakened by the Albo team, while the perimeter of the stadium was guarded by hundreds of police officers from the early hours of the day. The defeat condemned the Universidad de Concepcion for playing the 2021 season in B with Deportes Iquique and Cocimbo Yeondo. Colo Colo has risked leaving Chilean football elite for the first time in its history. “I have got rid of the pain that has been going on for a long time and for months,” coach Quinteros said with relief at the end of the match at Talca Stadium. “It looked impossible but we did it. Thank you guys.” After unlocking the minimum perks, Colo-Colo withdrew at home and gave the ball to whomever led by Hugo Balladares, who had many problems creating goal options. Technical File: 1. Colo Colo: Brian Curtis; Jason Rogas, Felipe Campos, Maximiliano Falcone and Gabriel Suazo; Cesar Fuentes, Carlos Carmona, Ignacio Jara (m70, Williams Alarcon), Pablo Solari (90, Ethan Espinosa); Brian Figuer (AD 80, Ronald de la Fuente) and Javier Parages (D80, Evan Morales). Coach: Gustavo Quinteros. 0. University of Concepción: Guillermo Reyes; Juan Abarca (AD 65, Antonio Ramirez), Eric Godoy, Nicholas Correa, Leandro Diaz; Alejandro Camargo, Andres Robles, Matthias Cabrera (m.83, Gustavo Alice), Brian Carvalho; Jaime Carreno (AD 65, Maximiliano Quinteros) and Cecilio Waterman. Coach: Hugo Baladares Goal: 1-0, minute 19: Pablo Solari. Verdict: Judge Julio Pasconan expelled Leandro Diaz. The blame was placed on Pablo Solari, Juan Aparca, Nicholas Correa, Andres Robles, Alejandro Camargo, Carlos Carmona and Guillermo Reyes. Accidents: A match for survival in the Chilean First Division Football League played at the Mali Stadium in Talca. (C) The EFE Agency

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