What is the difference between emptying and deleting in WhatsApp? Sports play

In the next note, you’ll learn how the Empty All Chats and Delete Chats tools differ, and we’ll also tell you when it’s appropriate to use one of these tools.

WhatsApp Messenger It is an instant messaging platform with more than four billion active users around the world. This Meta service is not only used to communicate with your friends, family or co-workers, as most of them tend to create personal conversations to take important notes and store photos and videos, but what should you do if you stop using the app? It is recommended that you delete all information from your account using the “Delete” or “Empty” tool.

If you copy and paste all relevant WhatsApp notes into a Word document on your computer or transfer your photos and videos to the same computer, It is recommended that you delete all information from your account before deleting it completely.

It is true that the content of the said app is protected with end-to-end encryption, but millions of users still have strong doubts about whether the app really does not access your chat data, so, Should you empty or delete All Chats, what are the differences between the two functions? At Depor we’ll break it down straight away.

These are the differences between “delete” and “empty” all WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp exclude Empty
Delete all messages. Yes Yes
Delete all media files. Yes Yes
Messages are deleted only for you (not the other contact or group). Yes Yes
Keeps conversations in the Chats tab (retains their location by time. no Yes
Leave the conversation blank. Yes Yes
Save special messages. no yes (optional)
The path is Settings > Chats > Chat History. Yes Yes
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Why should you hide your profile picture on WhatsApp?

  • The first reason is that everyone will see it. If you don’t configure your privacy and strangers see your photo, once they add your number to their mobile phone, they will be able to access that information and, as a result, take a screenshot.
  • Another detail is that it is better to share the profile picture only with your friends or some contacts that you trust. To do this, go to Settings, Privacy, Profile Photo and select who you want to share this information with.
  • In addition, anyone can take a photo and share it with anyone. WhatsApp has not yet implemented a way to notify you that someone has photographed your stuff.
  • If for some reason it’s your work cell phone and you’re using WhatsApp, it’s best not to post anything to remain neutral.

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