What is precision medicine?

The Minister of Health and Family, Jesus Aguirre, with the Managing Director of SAS, Miguel Ángel Guzmán, and the Secretary General of R+D+i in Health, Isaac Toñez.

The Progreso y Salud Foundation in Granada hosted a presentation of the main lines of Andalusian strategy in personalized medicine, One of the future challenges of the Ministry of Health and Family.

Specifically, in the day Andalusian Precision Medicine Training Program (Panmep), Lines of business have been introduced to promote precision medicine, also called personalized medicine. This specialty is characterized by the method of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, taking into account the genetic material of the patient, his lifestyle, etc. In this way, precision medicine treats Genetic information and other characteristics of the pathology In order to determine the diagnosis or treatment of disease

To enhance the importance of the specialization of precision medicine, the Minister of Health and Family assisted in these conferences, Jesus Aguirre; Managing Director of Andalusian Health Services, Miguel Angel Guzman, and the Secretary General of R + D + i in Health, Isaac Tunisia.

In the words of the Andalusian consultant, “This training is aimed at professionals in different specialties Starting with oncology, surgery or histopathology, it will directly affect the patient, for whom we work for his health, quality of life and safety in precision medicine, which is one of the challenges of the Andalusian government.”

For this purpose, precision medicine is explicitly included in A new strategy for research and development in the field of health 2020-2023, and currently has notable investigations throughout Andalusia already reaching patients.

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Specifically, at this conference, held at the Center for Clinical Simulation Iavante-Fundación Progreso y Salud in Granada, the Regional Coordinators of the R&I Strategy for Health and the Clinical Laboratory Network SSPA, JAveer Padillo and Mi Jesus Barriga, Straight.

The closing ceremony of the conference featured the developments and challenges of precision medicine in the management and treatment of lung cancer patients, with a keynote speech delivered by Christian Rulfo, a lung cancer oncologist and co-director of clinical research in the Center of Excellence for Thoracic Oncology/Tesh Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai Health System in New York.

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