Mick Jagger: What light therapy glasses were seen in Miami

Mick Jagger on the balcony of a Miami hotel in his light glasses

Leader Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, He drew attention in recent days when he was seen in a hotel window in Miami wearing glasses They wouldn’t clash in a science fiction movie.

Jäger, 78, like any rock star, has been seen countless times with dark glasses after a long night of partying to block out the intense daylight, but this time he showed up with those rare glasses that are usually used especially in areas where sunlight is scarce, especially in the winter, Although this is not the case, since It was in Florida, USA, where the sun is seen all year round.

The Rolling Stones singer was photographed with his girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick On a Miami hotel balcony wearing a pair of curious silver frames. it’s about Phototherapy lenses are designed to improve the wearer’s mood by using artificial light to increase energy levels during the winter season.

In the UK, it can cost up to £300, The Times reports, and it’s available at supermarkets such as Selfridges and online retailers, including Amazon. The Australian Re-Timer is offering them A$289 (about $206 USD).

These glasses are used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD)., which is a prevalent situation in the Nordic countries. The Royal College of Psychiatrists He says the disturbance is often caused by a lack of sunlight from late fall to early spring.

Seasonal affective disorder is a depression-like disorder It generates a lack of energy, unwillingness to participate in social activities, and decreased libido. Sufferers tend to want to eat and sleep more than usual.

Light therapy restores the optimal circadian rhythm and controls the circadian clock. It is used by people whose sleep is disturbed due to night work or travel.

Light therapy is commonly used in medical institutions in the treatment of dermatology, but also for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder
Light therapy is commonly used in medical institutions in the treatment of dermatology, but also for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder

According to the last numbers, About three out of every hundred people in the UK suffer from severe depression during the winter months. Although it is not clear why there is a relationship between seasons and mood swings, There are many light treatments available for seasonal affective disorder.

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According to the studies of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, light therapy It aims to increase exposure to light during lower times of the year. One of the most common treatments is the light box, or sad lamp, which – which It is used to imitate external light. It does not emit ultraviolet rays and is therefore less harmful to the skin or eyes than the sun. What is more, Lightbox rays are believed to reduce the body’s production of the hormone melatonin, which helps control sleep patterns and is used to treat insomnia.

But these treatments, according to the same British foundation, produce some side effects such as headaches, nausea and blurred vision. “Fortunately, side effects are usually mild,” he said, and “in general, it’s best not to use a light box after 5 p.m. because it can be difficult for you to sleep” at night.

But there is an alternative to this form of therapy, the kind Jäger uses, and that is light therapy glasses. “The idea is that when it’s worn over the eyes, like a mask, it can emit light with a lower intensity than a light box,” said neurologist Brandon Peters.

When the user wears glasses, Light enters the eye at the bottom of the retina and is picked up by photoreceptors and transmitted to the brain.

Eyeglasses They use “enriched blue” white light, which helps the brain release various chemicals, such as cortisol and dopamine. These can make the user feel more energetic and happy.

According to the specialist, “Benefits include adapting to jet lag and some people can use it for seasonal affective disorder. There is some evidence that it can give an overall boost to mood and energy.The side effects are very minimal. If someone is sensitive to light, they may have migraines or headaches. If you use it at the wrong time, it can change your sleep pattern or make it difficult for you to fall asleep.”

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For his part, Dr. Peter Hampson, from Dr UK Optometrists Association“The evidence for blue light is currently a very mixed picture,” he said. Some people advocate that blue light interrupts sleep and can harm the eyes, while others advocate the benefits of blue light. As with all emerging areas of science or treatment, the advice of the AOP is that it is critical that all decisions are based on evidence and that People are not in a rush to make decisions based on the actions of celebrities that could affect their health.”

But light therapy is not only used in mood disorders, but also Also in the treatment of skin diseases such as vitiligo and psoriasis. Light therapy can be applied in specific facilities or via equipment for use from home, knowing Infobae Dr. Nelida Raimundo, MD, Department of Dermatology at Aviation Central Hospital.

This technique consists of exposing the skin to ultraviolet wavelengths under medical supervision. Both Type A (UVA) and Type B (UVB) are found in natural sunlight and Both are used to treat various skin conditions and/or infections.

Using a light therapy lamp can also help with other types of depression, sleep disturbances, jet lag, and adjusting to a nighttime work schedule.
Using a light therapy lamp can also help with other types of depression, sleep disturbances, jet lag, and adjusting to a nighttime work schedule.

The mechanism of action of light therapy consists of inhibit the inflammatory process, “Eliminate and slow down the proliferation of T cells,” Raimundo explained. The dose of UV emission will be determined in relation to the skin phototype, age, history and diseases of the patient.

Especially in Europe, these treatments have an allied LED light, which allows the use of certain masks advanced facial treatments, thanks for the Open micropores. This allows the active ingredients to more efficiently penetrate into the skin tissues.

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As for emotional distress, according to Dr Mayo Clinic, In the United States, light therapy is a type of depression that occurs at a certain time of the year, usually in the fall or winter.

During light therapy, one sits near a device known as a light therapy lamp. While doing any activity such as reading, working or watching TV, the lamp emits a bright light that mimics the natural light outside.

Light therapy is thought to affect chemicals in the brain associated with mood and sleep, thus relieving symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Using a light therapy lamp can also help with other types of depression, sleep disturbances, jet lag, and adjusting to a nighttime work schedule.

The treatment of this type of disorder may be the reason for the use of glasses by Jagger, which brought many memories of the 1992 film he starred in, Freejack, a science fiction story set in a dystopian future, which never happened. rave reviews.

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