What is Behind His Eyes, the Netflix series that promises to be your new obsession

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Netflix is ​​still the platform with the most hits monthly, many of them every week, but the usual thing is that not all of them reach the same level of expectations. Although there is no promotional effort, some series like Maneuvering mrsAnd more recently with Fireflies danceThey are attracting the attention of the audience, and the last one aiming to take this path is Behind your eyesAvailable on the platform from February 17.

This British production series adapts to A novel with the same name Sarah Bainborough (Posted in Spain by Alianza Editorial), a UK bestseller that was promoted on social networks with hasthag #WTFThatEnding (something like “What the hell that ending”), a suggestion that was followed collectively by readers , For those who The end of the story left them with their mouths open. If the possibility of detecting this twist intrigues you, here we tell you everything you need to know about this series so you can decide if you dare to try it.

Hypothesis: the evil love triangle

Simona Brown as Louise in Behind Her Eyes.


Louise She is a young divorcee responsible for her eight-year-old son, whose only thing out of the ordinary is the night terrors that she suffers from every day. His routine is turned upside down when he starts a relationship with him David, his new bossHe is an attractive married psychiatrist. His wife AdeleWhich Louise, and if she suggests, will establish a close and intense friendship when she offers her a solution to her sleep disorder, The relationship that will keep David a secret.

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a excitement A sexual psyche with a complex triangle, which will only be the beginning of a complex and complex set A corrupt network of suspicions, lies and secrets And games of manipulation where the viewer doubts who controls the leads and who the victims are.


Simon and Adele in the movie

Simon and Adele in Behind Their Eyes.


a Simona Brown (Louise) We saw her in series like Drum Girl, Hacker, Gunchester, kiss me first s Stranger from home. Tom Bateman (David) is known for him Murder on the Orient Express And serial Da Vinci’s Demons, Jekyll and Hyde, not the honorable Mohair s Beecham House.

Yves Hewson (Adele) excelled at Nick Play the nurse Lucy Elkins and we recently saw her at The LanternsOut of curiosity she is a daughter Ali Hewson & Bono, U2 singer. It also appears in the series Robert Amarayo, Who played young Ned Stark Game of throneYes, and here he plays Rob, Adele’s teenage girlfriend.

Introduction – “Behind His Eyes” – Netflix

The TV adaptation was responsible for Steve Light FoodCreator The Punisher, Who was also a screenwriter for Hannibal, Casualty, and Narcos. Director of all episodes is Eric Richter BeachWho was behind the series like the camera Occupy The Valkyrie. Jessica Burdett and Susan Mackie (the crownThey are the executive producers.

With a solvent crew, a very successful performance, and promised (many) sudden twists and turns A decision that will not leave anyone indifferentAnd the Behind your eyes It contains everything needed to spark viewers’ curiosity. The fact that it contains only six episodes will make it easier to decide to watch it to participate in the inevitable debate between those who will support and oppose it. Close would undoubtedly be very controversial. Watch out for Spoilers.

Available Behind His Eyes on Netflix.

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