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The more people you add in the group WhatsApp Which you manage, the more responsibility you have because you must be attentive to all the content that members send, so the tool called “Submit for Admin Review” has been implemented, what is its purpose and when can you use it? It’s something we at Debord will explain right away.

“Send for admin review” is an option exclusive to group chats and can only be activated by the admin. Why this? Any group member can report a message that contains inappropriate content or violates group rules..

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It is necessary to highlight this Reported messages will be visible only to him or to the group adminsThis will decide whether to delete the message and potentially expel the member.

How to activate “Send review to admin” in a WhatsApp group

  • First, check it out WhatsApp You have no pending updates.
  • Now, open the app and enter a group chat where you are the admin.
  • Click on your group name.
  • Scroll down > tap “Group permissions“.
  • Finally, activate the option called “Submit for admin review.”
  • When someone submits a report, it will be displayed through these sections.

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  • Triple blue mark: Several media outlets and users have confirmed the presence of a third tick in WhatsApp chats, which will appear when you take a screenshot in the conversation.
  • I charge per message: This is one of the rumors that harmed WhatsApp more than others, as it acquired a large number of users and some even migrated to other modified programs such as WhatsApp Plus, GB, Fouad and others. Meta had to deny the rumours.
  • Delete a message for everyone whenever you want: Currently the maximum time to delete a message for everyone is 60 hours, but it is not true that changing the smartphone time will again show the “For Everyone” option in WhatsApp, so don’t waste your time doing that.
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