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All the information in your account will be automatically deleted, from messages to photos, videos, audio recordings and documents you sent or received.

during WhatsApp Messenger Very important information is often shared, since many not only use the above-mentioned instant messaging platform to chat, but also use it as a personal diary where they write down emails, passwords, bank card numbers and other data that they would like to keep.

How can you protect this information? In WhatsApp you can create a backup of your messages and multimedia files, which are stored encrypted in Google Drive (the cloud)., if you previously added your Gmail email to the application developed by Meta. All this is used to restore your account data to another mobile device.

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Suddenly you added a Google account (Gmail) to WhatsApp and do not remember its password. What are the consequences and why should you take it back before December? At Mag we will provide you with all the details below.

This happens if you have not opened the Gmail account linked to WhatsApp

  • Accounts Google Tied to their different services, it means that Gmail, Drive, Photos, etc., use the same email address.
  • Google announced that it will delete some accounts Gmail starting December 1.
  • Basically, they will delete accounts that have been inactive for two years.
  • It is true that you are using Gmail when you create backups on it WhatsAppBut Big G was clear in saying it will delete your account if you don’t log in for two years.
  • So, You may lose your backup very soon if you do not open your Google account.
  • Here we leave it to you With the steps to follow to restore Gmail.
  • It is possible to recover your WhatsApp information on another cell phone without relying on Google, but you will lose everything if the cell phone crashes or you become a victim of theft.
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How to protect WhatsApp backups with encryption

  • Open the WhatsApp application and click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, tap Settings > Chats.
  • Scroll down and click on the section called “Backup.”
  • You must have previously entered your email, otherwise tap Google Account > Add Account.
  • Go back a step and access the “End-to-End Encrypted Backup” section > click “Activate” > “Create Password”.
  • Add a 6-letter password and a letter (type the password because they will ask for it if you change your phone) > Click Next.
  • The application will ask you if you want to create an encrypted backup, click Create.
  • Ready, from now on your backups will be encrypted.

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