What happened on May 14th?

On a day like today, a May 14, 1948, the leader of the Jewish community in Palestine at the time, David Ben-Gurion announces – without demarcation of borders – the creation of the State of Israel, one day before the end of British colonial rule of Palestine.

Ben-Gurion read the Declaration of Independence of Israel in the Tel Aviv Museum under the portrait of Herzl, the founder of Zionism. The said declaration said: “The natural right of the Jewish people to be the master of their own destiny, like all nations, in their own sovereign state.”

also On May 14, but in 2018, the pro-independence MP and candidate proposed by Junts per Catalunya, Quim Torra, was elected as the new head of the Catalan government in the second vote in the inauguration debate, thanks to four CUP members abstaining. After his investment, he claimed the character of Carles Puigdemont as the “legitimate” head of the Generalitat.

Want to know more? Find out the astrological calendar for May 14 and see what happened, who was born and who died on a day like this day. Also, don’t miss what your horoscope and saints celebrate today.

What happened on May 14th?

1956: The first release of the comedy “Capitán Trueno” by writer and screenwriter Victor Mora.

1962: The wedding of Princes Juan Carlos de Bourbon and Sofia de Grecia in Athens.

1977: Don Juan de Bourbon relinquishes his rights to the dynasty, the Crown of Spain and the ownership of the Royal House.

1991: The merger of the Central Bank and Banco Hispano Americano into one entity, Banco Central Hispanoamericano.

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2008: Attack by ETA in a van in front of the Barracks Legotiano (Alava) in which the Guardia Civil, Juan Manuel Pinuel, died and three other agents were injured.

2009: Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

2010: The General Council of the Judiciary has suspended National Supreme Court Judge Baltasar Garzon from his work by the General Council of the Judiciary after the Supreme Court’s decision to open an oral trial against him for investigating the crimes of the Franco regime.

2011: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, was arrested in New York on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel worker.

Who was born on May 14th?

1943: Jose Manuel Ibar, “Urtain”, Spanish boxer.

1944: George Lucas, American film director and producer.

1950: Adolfo Domínguez, Spanish fashion designer and entrepreneur.

1962: Ferran Adria, Spanish chef.

1969: Cate Blanchett, Australian actress.

1984: Mark Zuckerberg, programmer, entrepreneur and founder of Facebook.

Who died on May 14th?

1987: Rita Hayworth, American actress.

1998: Frank Sinatra, American singer and actor.

2004: Jesus Gil Y Gil, former president of Atlético de Madrid and former mayor of Marbella.

2015: BB King, American musician.

2017: German Yankee, Spanish journalist.

2018: Tom Wolfe, American writer and journalist.

What is celebrated on May 14th?

Today 14 May World Migratory Bird Day.

Your horoscope for May 14

Those born on May 14th belong to Taurus sign.

Santoral May 14

Today, May 14, is celebrated Saint Gemma Gilgani, Saint Justa, Saint Matthias, Saint Pontius and Saint Victor.

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