Eurovision 2022 | Sam Ryder, frontrunner: ‘I’m not worried about the outcome’

The 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest He celebrates Saturday’s Grand Final with the United Kingdom as one of the greatest favorites to win. This year, the BBC will try to achieve its sixth victory in the music competition with Sam Ryder, who will go on stage at the PalaOlímpico in Turin with “Space Man”a song he will defend with an impressive live show at number 22 of this crucial concert. YOTELE talks to the British singer, the favorite to win Eurovision 2022about your nomination.

How do you feel about this countdown to the final?

I feel good. Calm and ready. Yeah, I’m just excited because I immersed myself in this whole thing as we walked along. It is really great.

How was ‘Space Man’ born, the song with which the UK will be represented in the Eurovision 2022 final?

A year and a half ago with some friends. It wasn’t supposed to be a Eurovision song until recently, but it’s great to be here as a fan and singer.

What message do you want to send with this song?

“Space Man” is a song about loving everything you already have in your life, and you are so lucky to have it.

This year, you are one of the top contenders for the Eurovision Song Contest, but in recent years the UK has had a slew of poor results in the competition. Are you feeling pressured by that and the fact that so many people are going to be very attentive to what you’re doing in just a few hours?

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no. I feel very lucky to be here. This is a place to party, sing, write songs, perform, and for me, the scoreboard has nothing to do with any of those things.

Do you have any opponents for victory in this edition of Eurovision?

Like I said, it’s not about focusing on that. Really, you can order it according to your taste and how emotionally someone responds to a song, but I wouldn’t worry about the tag. I want to focus on creating excitement with strangers tonight.

What do you think of Chanel and her song “Slow Mo”?

its great song. It’s a great performance. Incredible dance ensemble. Every time I see her acting, I feel like dancing.

Are you a fan of Eurovision? What is your favorite song?

Yes me. My favorite song is “Hard Rock Alelujah” by Pink, 2006 winners for Finland.

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After the festival, are you thinking of a professional project?

Yes, a few days ago, I was reviewing the mix for my new song. It will be released later, so all the exciting stuff and a lot of rounds will also take place.

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