What giveaway are you most likely to win this year?

the Christmas lottery, one of the most anticipated in Spain, began her scheduled appointment on Thursday, December 22nd. As early as 09:13 in the morning, drums started turning at Teatro Real Madrid and The San Ildefonso kids took first ball. One of the first awards that came out was The fifth with the number 62391, at 6,000 euros per tenth. And after just a few minutes, The second prize was sung with the number 04074 And to any 125,000 euros equals the tenth.

But this is not the only withdrawal available in Spain. Among the most played are The Primitiva, Bonoloto or ONCE DrawClouds though Euromillion. Shared game with up to nine countries across Europe, namely Spain, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. All players can get Millionaire jackpot every Tuesday and Thursday, and depending on whether the correct player hits the jackpot, the prize money increases. However, not all of these draws have the same chance of winning the prize. Let’s see what are the options and which case is the most profitable.

What is the most profitable withdrawal?

The EuroMillions draw, which allows participants to become millionaires twice a week, has taken place 1 in 139,838,160 chances. But the advantage of this is that it contains a file Extra Draw Known As “El Millón”. This is an alphanumeric code included on each ticket with which users can win up to an additional €1 Million without having to guess the EuroMillions combination.

Some nine states have Exclusive rafflessuch as EuroMillions Plus in Ireland, which offers a unique 10-prize draw of €5,000 in each draw, or “Joker” in Luxembourg, which gives you the chance to win up to €500,000 by matching six numbers in the correct order.

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Instead, in An unusual Christmas lottery drawChances are, for Gordo to touch you One of 100,000 options To receive the maximum Christmas lottery prize, i.e. 0.00001%. Specifically, a total of 100,000 balls with numbers from 00,000 to 99,999 are inserted into the cylinder. Also, if we do not aspire to the highest award, then The probability of getting one-tenth of a touch on any of the available prizes is 5%.and a repayment of up to 9.99%.

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