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he Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) I mentioned that today Julio Velardethe head of the entity, will travel to London Between November 1 and 2 to participate in the “Roading Campaign: Investment Opportunities in Peru” that will be held during those days in the capital of the European country.

This is how it is detailed, published today in Diario El Peruano. According to the document, which bears Velardi’s own signature, the trip was initially approved at a BCRP board meeting on October 5.

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Velardi will come to London to be a speaker at one of the event’s conferences. Under the decision, the head of the Central Bank of the Central Bank will participate in the “Monetary Strength and Long-Term Macroeconomic Stability” forum.

In this area, Velardi will provide a complete analysis of the monetary policy applied in the country in recent decades. “This analysis will highlight the achievements and adjustments that have contributed to the stability and solidity of Peru’s monetary and financial system.” BCRP decision adds.

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The entity also explained that the roadshow in London will bring together representatives of important companies and specialized media in the United Kingdom, making the summit an “invaluable platform” to promote the advantages, attributes and opportunities of startups. investment In Peru.

For his overseas assignment, Velardi will incur travel expenses of $2,160 and his ticket will cost $4,733.80, according to the same decision.

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