What does WhatsApp cut circle mean

The WhatsApp Never cease to amaze millions of Users With them Updates And recently set in a new direction icon that causes a stir Internet. baptized as “cut circle“, he is New feature It has generated intrigue for those who have already seen it in their conversations, so today, at Tech Bit, we tell you what it means.

This is that Application From instant message The most widely used in the world does not stop releasing a large number of Updateswhich facilitates and improves the user experience in a programOn this occasion, the so-calledcut circle” who – which The WhatsApp surprised by the changes incondition“.

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What is the ‘cutting circle’ for the new WhatsApp update

It should be noted that this New feature From The WhatsApp Available for phones with operating system iOS s AndroidAnd she has so little to go out so much Users They were surprised to see that in some of their conversations a symbol appeared that they called “Cut the circle”because of its shape.

This new update is related to chats and “condition” From The WhatsAppmeans Users Recognize very easily, before opening any chatif the message sent to them by a contact responds to condition which they published.

So The WhatsAppthrough a file icon of two jagged circles, one inside the other, which is why users called it “Cut the circle” that appears between conversations and contact photos, has developed an option that makes it easier to identify in chats the person who sent a message in response to condition who rose user name.

This way now, without having to go to the “section”conditionor open the conversation, Users They will be able to see if the message sent by their contact is in response to the content posted in the tab condition And, of course, to confirm this, it is enough to open a file conversation.

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New updates for WhatsApp “States”

However, the so-calledcut circle“You weren’t the only one Modernization From The WhatsApp Referring to their condition and the chatwell now messaging platform It joins other social networks like Instagram and Facebook with a new feature called “See the condition From the profile picture.

As you’ve probably seen on other social networks, now too The WhatsApp It could be Users can see”condition“Your contacts just by clicking on their profile picture, without having to go to the section directly. In the same way, it will be possible to identify the people who have posted something, the profile picture will automatically be surrounded by a blue circle, indicating that it has a status active.

Did you already know the news? If not, don’t worry, little by little they will reach all users.

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