What do archaeologists hope to find there?

Bronze Age tombs have already been found in Devon, but these newly discovered tombs are unique.
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In south-west Devon, Dartmoor National Park will invest £90,000 in excavation work. For what may be one of the most important Bronze Age burials in the British Isles.

It may be as important a discovery as the one made at White Horse Hill, near Cranmire Pond (Northern Moor), which It belonged to the tomb of a woman from around 1700 BC. Which presented a picture of life in the Early Bronze Age as shown in the video below.

Highly preserved thanks to peat

the The burial chamber was found about two years ago After erosion of the peat soil around. Peat has a high conservation potential Of biological and archaeological remains, some of the greatest ancient discoveries have been made, such as those of ‘bog bodies’, human remains preserved thousands of years ago in peat bogs.

Peat provides waterlogging properties, which, combined with a lack of oxygen, slow bacterial decomposition and improve preservation.

However, this find is an Early Bronze Age tomb. Until now, archaeologists involved in excavations believe so This is likely an ancient burial chamber usually built of a few large stone slabs..

Dartmoor has several of them, dating from prehistoric times to the megalithic period. It is rare to find a well-preserved burial chamber in this area, as many were excavated before archaeological techniques became more advanced, often during the Victorian era.

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Newly discovered Data From the Early Bronze Age It is incredibly well preserved by peat Which covers it. This means that even clothes and artifacts can be very well preserved, which is gold for archaeologists.

The exact location of the venue has not been revealed currently. According to him Local Democracy Reporting ServiceTo prevent it from being damaged before it can be fully excavated and analyzed.

Funds have been raised for what could be another important discovery

The members of the Authority decided to contribute financial sums to the efforts made to implement a crowdfunding campaign, taking into account The higher drilling costs that would entail.

The head of the authority, Pamela Woods, explained that the idea of ​​excavation was considered instead of leaving it hidden in its place To BBC Devon: “It’s so exciting. We can’t do this. We’re fascinated by this.”.

YouTube video ID=lqieJmIuR14

This could replace the previous important find, which was the White Horse Hill burial chamber found in the 1990s.As a result of erosion that occurred on the slope of a peat hill. It occurred to archaeologists that the erosion was too rapid and, as a result, the find would be destroyed.

The young woman in the camera was wearing an amber necklace Which showed that the people of Dartmoor in the Early Bronze Age were trading even as far away as the Baltic Sea.

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The new discovery on Dartmoor, after careful excavations supported by the funds raised, may well be Uncover surprising new discoveries inside.

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