Family medicine, a service lost by rights holders: IMSS

Uriel Morales Pérez/Quadratin

Uriel Morales Pérez/Quadratin

MORELIA, MICHIGAN, May 25, 2024.- The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Michoacán noted that beneficiaries do not regularly attend services provided for disease prevention, especially in the field of family medicine, the first review review.

Sandra Cortes Santana, specialist in family medicine at IMSS, stated that it is important that those who have Social Security benefit more from this alternative, as they go for examinations until the disease appears.

“It is important for you to know that this unit not only provides medical services in terms of consultation, but also provides dental and nutritional services, and it is important that you go and implement your preventive measures. This unit’s goal is prevention, and we invite you to come and seize the opportunity and prevent chronic diseases.”

To obtain an appointment, certain requirements must be met: If you are not a chronic patient, you can request an appointment by phone via the call center or search for the Family Medicine Unit by making an appointment or waiting for the availability of the previously agreed-upon appointment.

“You can use the IMSS digital app, which is very friendly, or go directly to the family medicine unit, but by making an appointment otherwise you will have to wait a little longer,” commented the specialist.

Given this, IMSS Michoacán is intensifying guidance, information and prevention campaigns so that beneficiaries take advantage of their insurance benefits to detect chronic degenerative diseases that are currently increasing among the population, such as overweight, obesity and hypertension, so that in the area family medicine advice is offered.

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