What are the most successful dogs among the Spaniards?

According to data from the Royal Society of Spanish Dogs (RSCE), the most victorious breed dogs among Spaniards in 2021 were, in that order, the German Shepherd, English Setter, Labrador, and Poodle.

They are followed by the Chihuahua, the golden retriever, the Maltese bichon, the Spitz, the Spanish Water Dog – the only national breed in the top ten – and the miniature schnauzer. This was established by the RSCE’s Hispanic Origin Book (LOE) and the Registry of Dog Breeds (RRC), which has been working for the welfare of dogs for over a hundred years.

German shepherd

Despite its fame, it is a fairly new breed, which was first recognized in 1899. The multiple functions of the German Shepherd, which Repeat first, amazing: from a herding dog that evolved into a guide dog, police dog or guard dog, until it finally became the most sought after companion dog. Inexhaustible training ability.

english setter

The breed was developed in England throughout the 19th century, giving rise to two types of English grooming: the type that attend camel shows and the other that worked in the fields. Spotted leather and fur make up the long, silky coat. His specialty is the search for prey in open fields. It is the second most registered dog breed in Spain, and Shortening the distances last year with a German Shepherd.


of yes Move up position He is the farmer. Originally from Canada, but developed as a breed in England, it is currently one of the most popular breeds worldwide. Appropriate training can lead to a talented animal in service, for example, police jobs. The breed was recognized by the United Kingdom Kennel Club in 1903. It is suitable for almost everything, but it is not a guard dog, as it lacks aggressiveness. His personality is very sociable.

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Originally from France, the poodle was the breed of the nobility until the 15th century, when it gradually became popular among all classes. At first her job was that of a water-hunting dog. In fact, the origin of the balls they are famous for is to protect the most sensitive parts of the dog such as the joints or the chest from cold and water. They are attentive, playful and active dogs. It is he who climbs up the most positions in the table from year to year, From seventh to fourth Among the most requested.


Originally from Mexico, from the state that bears his name, he is also known as the Chihuahua. It is the smallest breed in the world and this, at the same time, is the reason for its popularity, but it can also be the cause of some health problems if responsible breeders are not used. He does not know his size and is not afraid to handle larger dogs, so it is important to train him properly. They adapt to any environment, including the big city. It is one of the longest-lived breeds, with dogs up to 20 years old. drop two places.

Golden Retriever

It is a breed of Scottish origin that was developed in the mid-19th century from crossbreeding of different hunting breeds: the Scottish upper class needed a dog who could capture birds from land and water in the highlands full of lakes. Free from all hostility, Golden Retrievers are friendly and calm even with strangers. Their lack of aggressiveness makes them not recommended as guard dogs, but they are very useful for breeding with children. I know occupies sixth placeas in 2020.

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Maltese Picchu

One of the most popular breeds. It belongs to the family of pigeons, although its origin is unclear and it is usually located two thousand years ago in the Mediterranean basin, and is related to the Phoenicians. Its thick and shiny coat, silky texture and bright white color give it a special beauty. He’s a perfect companion dog and the perfect housekeeper, making him sound the alarm in the event of any unexpected visit.

Pomeranian dog

A famous breed of dog that originated in Pomerania (Germany and Poland). She has two layers of hair that are distinguished by her exquisite beauty: a short and woolly one, which serves to protect her from bad weather, and the other of long, smooth hair. The head resembles the head of a fox. But what is appreciated most is his character: he is always cheerful, feels the true devotion of humankind. In 1870 it was recognized as a dog breed by the English Kennel Club.

Spanish water dog

other breed repeat position. The Spanish Water Dog was officially recognized by the RSCE and the Department of Agriculture nearly four decades ago, in 1983, but its origins date back several centuries. There is evidence for the existence of this breed in the Andalusian regions about 1000 years ago. Its woolly fur gives it some very unique characteristics. He is athletic, cheerful and loyal. And for all these qualities and many more, before the next World Cup, which will be held in December in Qatar, A sample of the Spanish Water Dog named Moses will be the official mascot of the national team.

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mini snoozer

drop a position, ninth to tenth, obtained in 2020 as the most requested dog breed. It’s a breed that has been bred in Central Europe for centuries, particularly in Germany, as evidenced by a 16th century statue in Stuttgart showing a night watchman accompanied by a small, unmistakable schnauzer. It was a very common and popular breed on farms, but it was long despised by the nobles. Their personality, which is flexible, friendly and mistrustful, always on the alert, requires training so that they can accept “weird” dogs and lower their guard.

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