Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, highlighted in the international ranking

The National University of Mar del Plata (UNMdP) is one of the most cited universities in Argentina in the academic and research fields, according to the university ranking carried out by a specialized site worldwide.

This is the QS World University Ranking, which stands out in 2022 among the role of higher education around the world, Public University of Mar del Plata, with 80.4% of bibliographic citations for each article, is used in our country as in the world, being relevant to the contribution of the Faculty of Science agricultural.

Daniel Renoso, UNMdP Academic Secretary, explained that the QS Citation Rating for each essay indicates the time a student or professional has created an essay and is associated with the university, as well as how often that essay has been written. Same, it is quoted. “In a sense, what you say matters,” he said, noting that we are “interested in these rankings as a university, and their impact on academics and research,” highlighting the important assessment of the College of Agricultural Sciences. , assessed by the QS rating.

“Year after year, when these rankings come up, we always say that they have four very important variables: academic reputation, employers’ reputation for our professionals, the importance of professions and, above all, our university publications and the number and occasional comment on these works.

Within this framework, he said, “Agricultural sciences occupies a very good position, even in international issues. It has strong links with French universities and the academic world, not only at the undergraduate level but also with its postgraduate degrees,” Reynoso said.

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In the ranking published by QS this year, the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) ranks first in the country in all categories, including public and private universities, and is the only Argentine with majors in the top 50.

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