What are the exercises that Salma Hayek does to get a bikini body?

Actress Salma Hayek looks very good in a bikiniAnd he knows it. After delighting the world with several photos of herself in a bikini, the 56-year-old actress just celebrated reaching 25 million followers on Instagram with her post Simple pool workout routine.

“Since what they like the most is my bikini pics, I’m sharing a workout routine in my bikini,” she shared with the caption. I hate exercise, however I love to celebrate good times while dancing in the waterIf all the water aerobics classes looked like the accompanying video, this hobby would have a more glamorous reputation.

@Salma Hayek.

Whether it’s leg curls or sit-ups, Exercising in the water is much easier on the joints You need to do the same movements on dry land, which is essential for women going through menopause, when the bones become more fragile. Water provides some level of resistance, which is good for building strength, but is also less likely to cause injury. Not to mention that exercising in the water helps keep the temperature down: Say goodbye to sweat.


Perky, light effect, and not flushing with sweat afterwards? Hayek has hit his head with his pool routine.

Article originally published in British Vogue, vogue.co.uk.

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