What about the “Game of Thrones” actors who played Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen

Game of thrones He made the world stop with his first shows, he was a hit during his ten years of broadcasting and was a topic of conversation in thousands of homes. many of his The actors became known all over the world for their role in Game of Thrones Today we come to tell you what happened to the most important.

It’s true that there are many characters and we may have left out some of your favorites, but with so many seasons out there, we’d spend hours naming them all. Now, we see What is the life of the main actors of the HBO series.

What happened to these Game of Thrones actors?

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys)

The role of Mother of Dragons would have suited Emilia Clarke nicely, but the truth is that she hasn’t stopped acting since the series ended. He was one of the most famous characters and after the series, I decided to take it easy Enjoying the freedom that came after 10 years of registration.

She has been seen in various projects, in which she starred ‘Last Christmas’He also worked to give voice to cartoon characters and his social networks did not stop growing since his first screen appearance. Also, he has collaborated with many brands with his image.

Kit Harington (John)

was one of the More solid and recognizable characters From the series season after season. Fame knocked on his door with Game of Thrones and when it was over, he wanted to take some time off, which is common after such an intense rendition. Since then, it has been seen Criminal: United Kingdom on Netflix or on ‘Modern love’From Amazon.

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Of course, do not forget to participate inetheralReleased in 2021, it’s a movie that has more than an interesting cast, with actors like Salma Hayek or Angelina Jolie.

Lena Headey Cersei

Her career was already impressive before Game of Thrones, but this series was also a huge boost for the actress. He did not stop working, collaborating with very different films or series, showing his most diverse version.

Her followers can see her in the dramatic comedy Rita From ShowTime or at Powdered Milkshake like scarlet. He also collaborated on several Netflix projects, such as Wizards: Tales of Arcadia. He has more than a full career in the acting world and his fame seems to continue to rise.

Peter Dinklage

This actor already knew the sets before Game of Thrones and did not stop working after the series. can be seen in Infinity Wars or in ‘I care a lot’Where was the protagonist. His biography continues to grow and his fans will be able to see him in many other films in the coming years.

Maisie Williams (ARIA)

Her role as Arya swept the audience and her fame didn’t stop growing, though, when the series ended He wanted to take a step back in interpretation, To be able to rediscover other art projects. She did not stop acting and participated in many films and series, but now she also collaborates with many brands and works on new interests such as fashion.

We know we’ve left out some core characters, like the ones he’s playing Sophie Turner, Alfie Allen, or Hafthor Bjornson. All of them have main characters and now they are focusing on other projects. This series represented a before and after, both for its actors and for followers of the saga.

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