Water, Art and Science represent a new version of the Cs Summer School. Social – Faculty of Social Sciences

From January 15 to 19, 45 children from 5 to 12 years old, sons and relatives of members of the Faculty of Social Sciences, lived wonderful days of colour, dynamism, learning and entertainment within the framework of the summer school coordinated by the Directorate of Education. Advising and Communications supported by the Office of the Vice Dean. The fun was so great that some children did not want to finish school.

the Faculty of Social Sciences opened its doors, especially Psychomotor room It is known as Cobo Early Childhood Education Building, to About 45 children between 5 and 12 years old, Relatives of college employees spend an entire week doing various activities. With the guidance and support of JFrom January 15 to 19, Enko, students of social sciences majors, monitors many of these children Repeat the experience of participating in Summer school Or on the contrary, they participated in it for the first time.

In addition to doing recreational activities in psychomotor room, Participated in Water Tuesday, playing with water bombs. he Wednesday 17 January Tagged by Visual arts since their visit to the cultural platform of the Juan Gómez Milas Campus, Take a guided tour Complete with a mask workshop, the Museum of American Folk Art (MAPA) is a driven example of craftsmanship and creativity.

During the Thursday morning the 18th There was a class of Professor Nicholas Yutronic from the Faculty of Science, Which dazzled the children with chemical mixtures that formed multiple colors, an activity that became possible thanks to cooperation and management Directorate of Guidance at the aforementioned college. Later, the “Afternoon Movie” was developed.

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As a natural result of this busy week, there were much-anticipated sports activities on Friday for many children Billiards day in the semi-Olympic pool in the sports field of the Juan Gómez Milas Campus of the University of Chile.

Some children commented to the adults that school was very enjoyable, without even wanting it to end, making friends and getting to know the places where their relatives usually work and do their jobs.

HThe “Environmental Awareness Summer: Sustainable Adventures in the College of Social Sciences” school was organized and coordinated by the Directorate of Guidance and Communications, with support from the College Provost’s Office.

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