The European Union and the United Kingdom are once again focusing on Gibraltar

Gibraltar Airport. / Ruben Garcia

The European Union and the United Kingdom are scheduled to resume negotiations from Tuesday until Thursday, in order, among other important issues, to resolve the border control situation with the European Union. Tarek mountain By Frontex agents or airport management.

Brussels is the host city of the new, sixteenth, round of negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, regarding… Gibraltar's future relationship with the European Union itself and with Spainas a member state adjacent to the Rock, yet Britain's exit from the European Union.

This has been announced before Government of Gibraltar In a statement, she explained that her representatives will also be present at the aforementioned meeting.

This sixteenth meeting is scheduled to continue until Thursday in the Belgian capital.

Technical meeting

This is a technical meeting with officials representing the European Union and the United Kingdom, as well as Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar government is represented by Attorney General Michael Lamas and the Director of the Gibraltar Council in Brussels, Daniel D'Amato.

Algeciras, Madrid, Malaga, London and Brussels have been the scene of these negotiations, which have been going on for more than two years, and which aim to lay the basis for the New Year's Eve 2020 agreements, which provide, among other points, for Remove the physical boundaries of the fence And create a new one Schengen borders at Gibraltar port and airport.

Issues related to border control, such as the need, based on Schengen regulations, for border control Frontex or Spanish agents control the aforementioned borders; Issues related to airport management or customs are some of the issues that still need to be done. Reconcile differences.

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On the Spanish side, they have been claiming for months that they have already put a possible agreement on the table, which, time and time again, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez He stressed that this is enough and that the ball is in the British court.

Gibraltar's Prime Minister, Fabian Picardo, had expressed his belief in the possibility of reaching an agreement during the first half of this year.

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