Washington blamed chaos at Kabul Airport – Prinsa Latina

Since entering Kabul a week ago, the theocratic military formation has left the airfield in the hands of the United States, which it now accuses of failing to impose order.

“Peace and order prevail throughout the country, but chaos is only at Kabul airport,” said Amir Khan Muttaki, the Taliban leader, warning that this situation must end as soon as possible.

And on the evacuation of the capital, the European Union considered it impossible to get all its allies out of this country before August 31 and blamed the United States for obstructing this task.

In order to ensure safe traffic and prevent a humanitarian crisis, the Group of Seven announced that next Tuesday it will address the Afghan situation in a virtual meeting – presumably that will address inherent immigration behaviors – according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the current head of the bloc.

The Group of Seven is an organization of countries that make up the world’s largest economies: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The TV channel reported, on Sunday, that the leadership of the Taliban movement sent a battalion of its special forces to the capital’s airport, with the aim of restoring order in that facility, after reporting the killing of seven people in the midst of the chaotic situation. Qatari island.

According to this media outlet, the task of forming the elite will be to disperse the crowd that obstructs the departure of arrivals to the airport to depart from Afghanistan on special flights, mostly Americans or Pakistanis, and to evacuate foreign citizens and patriots in general. I worked in the United States.

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For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that the Afghan situation affects the security of his country, in a meeting with federal candidates from the United Russia party in the parliamentary elections in mid-September.

On the dangers of destabilizing the Central Asian country, the head of state referred to the possibility of extremist extremists impersonating refugees to evade authorities and enter other countries from Afghanistan or Syria.

At the meeting, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that the conflict in the Central Asian country and its regional impact will focus on discussions at the CSTO summits, tomorrow, Monday, and the organization’s summit. Shanghai cooperation, in September.

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