Britain and France pressure the United States not to leave Kabul airport

The United Kingdom and France, member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), through their ministers, toand asked United State Extend your presence in KabulAfter the end of this monthIt is the date on which the last US forces will withdraw from the Middle Eastern country.

August 31 was the date announced by the United States to withdraw from Afghan territory, eleven days earlier than previously planned, coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Foreign Minister, declared in an interview published on Sunday in Le Journal du Dimanche that there should be no rush on the part of the Americans to leave Afghanistan.

“We need time for this duty that counts in days or weeks, not months,” says Le Drian.

The French minister says that They will continue to evacuate threatened French and Afghans, for various reasons, as long as Kabul airport remains open.

Meanwhile, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, in an article published in the Mail of Sunday newspaper, said that the United Kingdom would provide “full support” to the United States if this country decided to extend the date of withdrawal from Afghan territory. .

Perhaps the Americans will be allowed to stay longer and (after that) they will have our full support if they do.Wallace emphasized in the article.

In this regard, the US President stated, in an interview with ABC News, that his country’s forces can remain in Kabul after the aforementioned date to complete the evacuation of American citizens, although this has not yet been officially completed.

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The situation in the Afghan capital remains unsustainable. Families trying to flee, people who do not leave their homes in fear, especially women, and others looking for a plane that will allow them to immigrate to another country. Several television images, last Saturday, August 21, showed the bodies of at least three citizens among a crowd that gathered outside the city. Kabul Airport.

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