Vox asks the government to start negotiations with the UK to take back Gibraltar

by Father

Santiago Abascal’s diary asserts in her explanatory note that the rock is outside the agreements between the UK and the European Union and that in order to reach an agreement affecting Gibraltar, a prior agreement for Spain is necessary, as it happened. Referred to by the CEO himself.

Moreover, in the proposal that Europa Press had access to, they state that Gibraltar is one of the “Non-Self-Governing Territories awaiting decolonization” and denounce that “this colonial effect destroys the national unity and territorial integrity of Spain”.

Likewise, they refer to the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713, by which Spain ceded Gibraltar to the United Kingdom, and accused London of failing to comply with its “effective occupation of the isthmus and adjacent waters”, and warn that in the event of the UK’s interest in this matter the will of the inhabitants of Gibraltar to “obtain Their autonomy “might necessitate, according to the treaty, a return to Spain.

Military base

On the other hand, they denounced that the rock has become a “military base”, given the frequent docks of British military ships and submarines and passage through its port, which, according to Fox, “puts the Spaniards at risk. They live in the Campo de Gibraltar region and they are suffering from the consequences of a nuclear accident.” “.

In this sense, they indicated that this represented “a strong contradiction to Spain’s national policy on nuclear matters, whereby Spain imposes a highly restrictive use of nuclear energy, which is only foreseen for civilian purposes.”

In line with this, Vox asserts that since the Treaty of Utrecht does not grant the United Kingdom more water than the interior of the port of Gibraltar, the passage of British nuclear submarines takes place through Spanish waters, which affects the national security of the UAE. The country falls within the lines of action of the Nuclear Safety Council.

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For all these reasons, and given that “the territorial integrity of Spain is in jeopardy”, Vox requests that his illegal proposal be discussed in the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee where the government is urged to “initiate bilateral negotiations with the United Kingdom through the goal of restoring Spanish sovereignty” over Gibraltar.

The aforementioned negotiations, as indicated by Pascal, must take place “in accordance with the provisions of international law in this regard and the adoption of all diplomatic measures necessary to achieve this goal.”

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