Bolivian President praises the revolution Byredo after his death

Jan 15, 2021, 22: 3La Paz, January 15 (Prensa Latina), the President of Bolivia, Luis Ars, pledged today to ensure that the example of the revolutionary Oswaldo Peredo, Château, remains alive in new generations, by honoring him after his death.

At a ceremony held in the Casa Grande del Pueblo, the seat of the presidency, he proposed looking to the future with the commitment that we will fulfill the legacy, mandate, and confidence that was given to us by the former guerrilla Byredo, who died last Tuesday. .

“We will not let him down, we will continue fighting, and we will continue and we will move forward,” he said, noting that his legacy will be passed on to future generations “so that he never dies in the minds of all young revolutionaries.” .

He shouted, “We will be in constant vigil so that his thoughts do not die. Glory and honor to our brother Chatou and until the final victory!”

At the party at Casa Grande del Pueblo, the president recalled that from his teenage years he had heard of Château and his brothers Roberto, Coco and Gustavo, Inti – who were part of the National Liberation Army (ELN) led by the revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, as well as the prominent journalist Antonio Peredo.

Arce added that he was fortunate in his youth to meet Chato Peredo, which was “one of the best experiences one can have” because it stimulated his revolutionary spirit even further.

“In keeping with his struggle, our Commander Chateau was the spearhead in Santa Cruz (eastern Bolivia region), where he created new cadres for the process of change and the revolution,” he added, in his tribute to the fighter who joined the operation. He heads the movement to socialism (MAS).

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The honor was also attended by Minister of the Presidency, Maria Nella Prada and the daughter of Chatu Julia Peredo.

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