Vladimir Putin greets the New Year with a traditional message to the Russian people

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A new year has come and with it all the traditions that mark the end of the cycle. In Russia, it has become customary to exclude the season with a message from the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and 2021 was no exception.

The president addressed his countrymen in a message that was broadcast on radio and television, and was even translated into several languages.

“The most important thing is that together we overcame all the difficulties of the year that we said goodbye, we protected those who were in a difficult situation. (…) We firmly and consistently defended our national interests, security and security,” said Putin in his New Year’s message to citizens ” .

And the president sent a special message to the doctors, soldiers, and law enforcement officers who must perform their duties today.

“I would like to separately wish a Happy New Year to those who are now performing their military duty; to those who rescue and care for the sick; to those in their combat positions; to those who ensure law and order,” Putin stressed.

The first spectators to witness the intervention of the Russian leader were the residents of Anadyr and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, in the Far East of Russia, where the New Year arrives nine hours before Moscow.

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