Vitas will train students of health sciences at the University of Alicante – Alicante

The Vithas Alicante Hospitals and Vithas Medimar have signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Alicante to realize clinical and health curricular practices for students of various official university degrees in the field of health sciences such as medicine, nursing, human nutrition, dietetics, optometry, future studies in speech therapy, as well as a master’s degree in emergency And disasters, active aging and health, nutrition and food from the same league.

On the occasion of this agreement, Victoria Verdu pointed out that “the teaching profession is in the DNA of the Vitas Group, which is why this cooperation agreement is very important for us because it opens important avenues for mutual cooperation that undoubtedly leads to the improvement of the system through training and research.”

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For her part, the Rector of the University affirmed that “this agreement opens many opportunities for cooperation between the University of Alicante and Vitas Hospitals, not only in terms of systematic and hygienic practices for students in the field of health sciences, but also in terms of research, knowledge transfer and training.”

The agreement states that “Cooperation in the field of teaching exists for the clinical and health training of university students in those degrees or subjects related to the field of knowledge of health sciences, and in the case of master’s and doctoral studies, this training extends to the field of research methodology and techniques.”

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The collaboration is determined, on the one hand, in the training of the study programme, theoretical training and the completion of practical credits by the students of the University of Alicante by the practices carried out in the Vithas Alicante health facilities and in the appointment among the staff de vitas of all the internal teachers necessary for the training of the student body.

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