The chief of emergency physicians warns that their services are ‘too full and with serious problems’

Madrid 14 cities. (European Press) –

The president of the Spanish Society of Emergency and Emergency Medicine (SEMES), Tato Vázquez Lima, confirmed that the emergency services are “totally full and with serious problems” at the moment. “We cannot talk about the collapse, but we can talk about our tremendous efforts,” he added.

This is how Vazquez expressed himself in an interview shown this morning on the program Espejo Público. Given the arrival of the omicron variant, Dr. Vasquez noted, “Emergency services continue to operate at one hundred percent, because even though vaccination has reduced hospitalizations for Covid and admissions to intensive care units, there are still other illnesses and people who need us.”

In this sense, when asked about the creation of a specialty in emergency and emergency medicine, Vasquez commented: “There is no news in this regard,” although “a year and a half ago there was a promise on the table.” “I want to address the head of government, Pedro Sanchez, because he knows exactly who was on the front lines. It’s time to take care of ourselves, not leave us in limbo,” said the SEMES president.

In line with the three main reasons why the specialization of emergencies and emergencies in Spain is necessary, “the patient, the professionals and the future”.

“Patients because if you have a serious problem that puts your life at risk, you need a competent professional, with standardized and homogeneous training to provide you with quality care, and we have volunteer-based training,” he said. He admitted that he himself, with 30 years of training in emergency medicine, “could not go to work in Italy or France because he did not have the title recognized in Spain”.

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Finally, the doctor emphasized that “approximately 15 percent of students would like to do an emergency and emergency specialty, but since there is no specialty, they do another.” In his opinion, this “generates enormous expenditures, as well as a loophole in those disciplines they have chosen, without relying on subsequent self-training.”

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