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A boxing match between a British YouTuber And the American Instagrammer At Wembley Arena it ended in chaos after the former headbutted his opponent in the first round of the tournament “The struggle of influencers”It is an event that occurred before the main fight between the two YouTubers And .

It all started, moments into the match, when Ryan Taylor headbutted DK Money, who fell to the canvas while his opponent was sent to his corner and was immediately disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct. On social networking sites, Viral video Strong criticism of the actions of the British was reported .

from “gross” until “shameful”Ryan Taylor’s bad attitude has been called into question “Spoil the battle” – whose ticket prices range from 36 to 146 euros, depending on the location of the seats – and whose viewers have included professional British boxers such as And .

Video of Ryan Taylor’s header for DK Money

Ryan Taylor talks about his exclusion

According to the British newspaper Taylor later complained about the low blow his opponent had given him and believed the referee should have punished him. In other results of the day, Deji lost his third boxing match of his career after Alex Wasabi earned the win by split decision in his boxing debut.

YouTuber, my YouTuber brother Which boxing match with the American He helped make boxing popular, and had promised to retire if he suffered three consecutive losses in his boxing career. Although it is unknown whether he will keep his promise, this defeat left him with a bad taste in his mouth.

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Who is Ryan Taylor?

Ryan Taylor is probably one of the most influential people in the BMX scene, and certainly, one of the riders who has done his best to bring the sport closer to the general public. .

What is it to be a YouTuber?

According to A YouTuber is a person who shares engaging videos to the user where he or she is seen performing some type of specific activity.

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