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Many people often make jokes on their colleagues and loved ones. Image: LR/Mentemaravillosa formation/diffusion

he April Fools’ Day or Holy Innocents It is a holiday that people usually do Pranks on those closest to you. Some media outlets even present fake news in the form of a joke, generating laughter among their audience. This festival is equivalent April foolWhich is celebrated in European countries and the United States. However, they are diametrically opposed to each other and have different origins.

Find out in this note when April Fool’s Day is and what is the origin of this tragic holiday.

When is April Fool’s Day 2023?

April Fool’s Day 2023 is Thursday 28 DecemberJust like every year, if someone tells you news or asks you to borrow money on this date, avoid getting caught. This date is absolutely an April Fool’s joke, it’s April 1st.

What is the meaning of April Fools’ Day?

Although it is an expected date by scammers because they usually trick others by using phrases like “The innocent popcorn you let yourself be fooled into” also “Innocence may prevail“Indeed, it is a tragic history within The Catholic religion. This day commemorates the massacreInnocent saints“. This is a biblical truth in which we remember the time in which King Herod ordered the slaughter of all children under the age of two.

On the other hand, with regard to jokes, it is custom Festival of fools In the Middle Ages. This was a carnival and irreverent celebration, and there were music, costumes and parodies of the priests of the time.

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What is the origin of April Fool’s Day?

This is the celebration that has as The original is in the year 1582. This happened when Pope Gregory XIII implemented the Gregorian calendar used to this day. Later, King Charles IX of France changed the new year from April 1 to January 1. Many people did not hear the signal and celebrated as if nothing had happened. Therefore, those who complied began to make fun of them by telling jokes and celebrating with fake gifts. This tradition was taken from there.

Why is there a habit of telling jokes on April Fools’ Day?

During the Middle Ages, when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, pagan festivals were gradually replaced by Christian celebrations. The commemoration of the Massacre of the Holy Innocents is combined with a pagan ritual known as the “Feast of Fools” and is celebrated between Christmas and New Year.

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