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The streets of the Villa Onion Center include a “science treasure”: the Big Bang Science Center.

Since 1997, this campus has been born with hundreds of students seeking an understanding of theory and practice in the “scientific world”.. Electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics, acoustics, and mechanics are just a few of the branches of physics that can be learned, in addition to chemistry, biology, mathematics, and even art.

The person responsible for establishing this learning site is Louis Philippe Terrado, a chemical engineer by profession who has worked for 40 years as a high school teacher. He recounted it when he was a teacherThe idea of ​​designing experiments arose in which students could understand how science worked in a simple and clear way, so he designed 800 learning models that he hoped would be distributed throughout Sinaloa, but that was not the case..

The Big Bang Science Center, though, amazes young and old from the entrance, with an endless number of things serving to explain the various phenomena of nature, it is the perfect complement for students to enhance their knowledge with simple examples they will do. Its founder said it was definitely unforgettable.

Louis Philippe TerradoHe lamented that nowadays interest in science, at least on the part of schools, is being lost and scientific knowledge is being put aside. Visiting Big Bang discovers a magical world full of surprises but above all knowledge.

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