They claim that Resident Evil Village has nudity and adult content

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Resident Evil Village He is months away and fans want to know more about him. For this reason, it was surprising to learn that the new information indicates that it may contain nudity and adult content.

What happens is that dusk, The insider who revealed information about Resident Evil Village Which turned out to be real, he commented. In a tweet, he indicated on Twitter that it was the horror of staying with elements such as nudity and certain sexual content. Bear in mind, just don’t expect it to be a mass service.

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“The game also contains some nudity and sexual content. For example, I know that some of those vampires who were so popular, when defeated or eliminated, appear naked for a moment. However, they turn into creepy things like spiders, which are not attractive Extremely, so take it as you like, “he explained.

Resident Evil Village It will have metroidvania elements

DuskGolem also spoke of a structure Resident Evil Village, Which shows that she has a kind of open world. However, you should think of its structure as that of Metroidvania.

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Resident Evil Village It has a kind of little open world design. Metroidvania is the term the team describes it by. There is a greater emphasis on exploration, as each region connects and reverts to previous areas more than the most recent installments vampire“, It is to explain.

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And what do you think of this information? What do you expect more from Resident Evil Village? Tell us in the comments.

Resident Evil Village It’s coming on May 7th to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC. You can learn more about this survival horror If you click here.

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