Vietnamese parliamentarians study highway laws and public auctions (+photos)

The first of these proposals was previously taken up by the Parliament’s Standing Committee, and according to the VNA news agency, the clause ordering provincial-level people’s committees to invest in the construction of national highways is interesting content for many MPs.

Regarding the draft real estate auction law, before the start of its discussion in the afternoon session, Chairman of the Legislative Economic Committee Vu Hung Thanh submitted a report clarifying, assimilating and supplementing several articles thereof.

The National Assembly’s website noted that the issue of “regulation of who cannot register to participate in the auction”, which was discussed at the meeting, was the subject of heated discussion by delegates, who also asked to carefully study this rule.

He added that the lawmakers also provided specific and relevant opinions on the chapters and articles of the bill, such as the scope of the amendments, their compatibility with other laws, the rules of prohibitions, commodity auctions, reserve prices, deposits and deposit management. .

Also regarding regulations on auctioneers and the rights of auction organizations, online bidding, penalties for dealing with violations, among others.

The seventh period of sessions of the Vietnamese Parliament began the day before and will be held in two phases: the first will last until June 8, and the second will last from the 17th to the 28th of the same month.

On their first day of work, lawmakers unanimously elected Tran Thanh Manh as the new head of the aforementioned body, a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam (PCV) for the thirteenth term who had been serving as permanent representative. Chairman of the Legislative Council.

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Giving the opening address, Than Man himself announced that, as Vice-President of the National Assembly, approximately two-thirds of the time would be devoted to legislative work, during which 24 bills and resolutions would be discussed.

He said that this is the largest volume of legislative content considered from the beginning of the current legislature to date, which in all cases addresses issues of great importance to the voters and population of Vietnam.


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