Better Call Saul actor Bob Odenkirk is related to King Charles III

Bob OdenkirkBetter Call Saul actor, He discovers that he is related Nothing more and nothing less than the same King Charles III.

Through Finding Your Roots, a TV show that focuses on exploring the genealogy and family history of celebrities, the Better Call Saul actor, Bob Odenkirk He discovered the truth about his family, which affected him the most.

after Bob Odenkirk – 61 years old – discovered that King Charles III -75 years old- He is his distant relative on his father’s side of the family.

King Charles III of the United Kingdom. (@theroyalfamily)

Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk discovers that he is King Charles III’s cousin

Historian and genealogist Henry Louis Gates Jr. – 73 – from Finding Your Roots revealed to Bob Odenkirk The Better Call Saul actor is a cousin of King Charles III.

This was done after conducting advanced genealogical research and DNA analysis to reveal family ties Bob Odenkirk.

According to the results, Bob Odenkirk is the Better Call Saul actor Related to the British royal family on the paternal side.

According to your family tree and who is related Bob Odenkirk and King Charles IIIThis would be his paternal fifth grandfather who was born out of wedlock.

He is the son of the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein Blön III, who had a romantic relationship with Maria Caterina Payne, so with this information Bob Odenkirk and King Charles III are eleventh cousins.

Bob Odenkirk, winner of the 2023 Critics' Choice Awards

Bob Odenkirk, winner of the 2023 Critics’ Choice Awards (Michael Tran/AFP)

Bob Odenkirk says he’s not a royal after discovering he’s King Charles III’s cousin

After finding out that he is a cousin king Charles III, Best Actor Cole Saul Bob Odenkirk He said he was very surprised, stressing that he was not royal.

“I’m an American. I’m not a royalist. I don’t believe in that. You know, I feel like it’s a little twisted.”

Bob Odenkirk

on condition Bob Odenkirk He explained that despite understanding the history of the world and the monarchies that existed and still exist, today’s Better Call Saul actor believes that the world is a better place with democracy.

“I understand why society was built around kings and leaders, and passed down from generation to generation. I understand that this happens in all societies, in all civilizations. But I believe we have reached a better place with democracy and we must continue on this path.”

Bob Odenkirk

despite this, Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul actor He joked that he might change his mind a little and see King Charles III as his family.

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