Vietnamese capital with third consecutive record of Covid-19 cases

The city has recorded 791 cases so far, to be added to the rest of this nation, to rise to 13,670 cases today, and one million 280,000 780 cases that have accumulated since the outbreak of the epidemic 22 months ago.

This Friday, more cases were reported only from Hanoi, southern Can Tho (892) and Ho Chi Minh City (1311), the epicenter of the fourth and current wave of the disease.

The Ministry of Health also reported 200 deaths from Covid-19, bringing the cumulative number to 25,858.

Among the in-hospital patients, more than 7,000 health conditions were compromised to varying degrees, especially 14 who received assisted breathing.

Two days ago, Vietnam reported the second highest number of cases since the beginning of the epidemic (14,508).

This country has not reported such a high number since September 3, when the number of infected people was 14,894.

In late October, with the aim of reviving the economy, the government lifted stricter health regulations and gradually reopened industries and businesses, but in just one month daily cases tripled.

Health authorities are making strenuous efforts to speed up the vaccination campaign, to save lives and pursue herd immunity.

Of a population of 98 million, just over 53 million Vietnamese have completed the immunization schedule.

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