Video: They introduce “the world’s most advanced robot with a human face” and the network explodes in jokes (and reactions of amazement and fear)


3 dic 2021 19:11 GMT

The British company plans to display more examples of its robot early next year during the International Technology Fair, which will be held in Las Vegas (USA).

British company Engineered Arts Foot A robot with “human facial expressions and gestures”, it quickly unleashed jokes on social networks, as well as reactions of amazement and even fear.

“Ameca is the most advanced robot with a human face in the world, and represents the forefront of technology […] and specifically designed as a platform for the development of future robotics technologies,” Hinge The company is on its website. In addition, he clarified that the modular architecture of the machine easily allows to improve its capabilities through updates, both physical and “software”.

The robot’s face consists of two eyes, cheeks, a mouth and a forehead that change shape to reflect emotions that range from surprise to surprise and happiness. Developed company general This Thursday, a video clip that shows the smoothness of human movements and the naturalness of his face.

However, the show led to mixed reactions from users. One netizen wrote, while another emphasized that Ameca “probably has the most human expression I’ve seen yet.”

However, there were those who were not comfortable with technological development. “This is so terrifying,” commented one YouTuber. while the others They posted it Some scenes from the movie Me, robot comparing Ameca to one of the NS-5 robots that are out of human control.

“How to start and how it will continue”, hung An Internet user, as well as an image of the Engineered Arts presentation and a screenshot of a scene from “Yo, robot”.

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“When he was about to take his middle finger off your brother, but your mother enters,” another joked, referring to one of Amica’s gestures.

Even though she looks like a human, Amica distance He can’t walk, and Engineered Arts promises to solve this problem as quickly as possible. The company plans to display more examples during the CES 2022 International Technology Show, which will be held in Las Vegas, USA, in January next year.

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