Venezuelan president classifies dialogue with the far right as a victory

Caracas-. The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, stressed that the readiness for dialogue expressed by the far right today is a revolutionary victory, and that it will be at the polls where they will face each other as political opponents.

The president said, O revolutionaries, we are doing politics for the sake of the union, everything that can unite, in the phase of a perpetual battle against aggression, we cannot lower our guard for a second.

“How many times have I interviewed envoys from Norway, I don’t say that, 15 times…. How many times have Hector Rodriguez and Jorge Rodriguez met? Finally we made everyone sit down. I want a dialogue based on a national agenda, for the good of the country, but in that dialogue, to provoke the raw truth for Venezuela,” Maduro emphasized.

He stated that the Norwegian delegation visiting the country, as a liaison with the various sectors of the opposition, endorsed the points on which the talks will revolve.

“It is not just a dialogue, it is different, it should raise crudely national issues” and reaffirmed the terms, the immediate lifting of sanctions and unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States, the recognition of the Constitution and public powers of assets, as well as the return of the looted assets.

To the three points raised from the beginning, the head of state added a new condition: that the dialogue be an act of media transparency, “with cameras and public photos, as it should be. We don’t want more secret meetings.

He commented that many of the opponents meet in private, and the first thing they ask is that the dialogue be confidential, and insisted that his government is ready to speak when the details are agreed upon.

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