Venezuela International Book Fair with Business Roundtable

This cultural event, based at El Laguito of the Círculo Militar in Caracas, between 9 and 19 November, will be an opportunity to present business proposals in the areas of investment in books and reading, which will allow production and productivity in this field.

Publishers, distributors, libraries, companies, or entities related to books, the cultural and educational sector, and national and international literary agents will participate in the event, according to a press release from the National Book Center.

The business roundtable will be held on November 11 at Filven’s headquarters and those who wish to attend can register through the website

This year Filven will have a wide range of proposals, including professional conferences, forums, reading promotion meetings, academic activities, festivals and more.

This new edition will pay tribute to playwright and journalist Armando Carías, and posthumously to Carmen Delia Bencomo and Domingo Alberto Rangel, both national centennial writers.

The works of the publishing house Hermanos Vadell Editores during its half-century of existence and the National Library for its 190 years will also be honored, while the state of Amazonas, located in the south-central part of the country, will also be honoured.

Culture Minister Ernesto Villegas announced last week that, by decision of President Nicolas Maduro, two Palestinian writers were included among the well-wishers: the poet and storyteller recently killed in Gaza in Israeli attacks, Heba Abu Nada, and the novelist Adenya Shibli.

The latter was prevented from receiving a prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany, which had already been awarded.

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Filven 2023 will have Colombia as its guest of honour, which will bring a great cultural and editorial representation, headed by Culture Minister Juan David Correa, and whose slogan will be “In Praise of Hospitality”.

The International Book Fair will be attended by 22 publishers from countries such as Argentina, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, Iran, Peru and the guest country of honor.

67 national publishers from various states of the South American country will also participate, 63 international and 161 national writers, while the Ministry of Culture will present 130 new novels and 70 others that correspond to different publishing brands.


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