Strategic Alliance offers 5,000 content for new skills

  • This alliance will allow UBITS users to access content on different topics; Among them, in management, including leadership, strategic thinking, negotiation, talent acquisition, employee management, finance and interpersonal skills.
  • Content is delivered by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Chris Anderson, Condoleezza Rice, and Daniel Goleman, among many other experts.

October 30, 2023 – UBITS, the world’s largest Spanish-language B2B corporate learning center, announced the signing of an important alliance with Harvard Business Publishing, through which 5,000 new content will be offered to users of the training platform, which will aim to develop new skills required by the world of work.

“With this alliance, we will not only strengthen our course portfolio, which will reach 11 thousand contents in December this year, representing a growth of more than 100%. It is also the opportunity for us to enhance our growth as a company, providing our users with essential tools for their professional and personal growth in a group Wide range of formats “Our biggest concern is for everyone to acquire the skills needed in a world that has already changed,” explains Julian Mello, co-founder and CEO of UBITS.

Through podcasts, articles, case studies, short videos and thematic programs, managers and collaborators who train at UBITS will be able to acquire the skills needed in today’s jobs, which are transformed, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). Which indicates that the percentage of basic skills that will change by 2025 will be 40%. This means that 50% of all employees will need to be retrained.

Key competencies to be developed will be in the area of ​​management, including leadership, strategic thinking, negotiation, talent acquisition, employee management and finance. Team-related skills, such as motivation, coaching and other interpersonal skills, can also be enhanced. Contents will be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese and will cover topics such as business and government relations, business ethics, finance, public administration, human resource management, international business, marketing, negotiation, organizational behaviour, sales, service management and social. Corporate and strategy, among others.

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The authors of these articles are a mix of academic researchers from Harvard University, as well as business leaders, speakers and best-selling authors, as well as public figures such as high-performance athletes. They include Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft), Boris Johnson (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), Chris Anderson (founder of TED), and Condoleezza Rice (former Secretary of State of the United States). USA), Indra Noy (former CEO of PepsiCo) and Daniel Goleman (best-selling author on emotional intelligence), among others.

It is worth noting that some mental health materials will be included that specifically help in acquiring the new skills indicated by the World Economic Forum, which, according to its data, will be necessary for any job in the next five years. The materials will be grouped by competencies and skills, as well as under name

Harvard when searching by partner category. Therefore, the user will choose what to consume according to his needs and the needs of the organization in which he collaborates.

“Learning paths will be created within the UBITS catalog to guide students through the different topics that will be made available to them, from basic to more advanced levels. It is expected that before the end of the year we will have an exclusive page containing Harvard content, so that in this way it will be easier for them to find topics Which will help them develop their skills.
Harvard’s first 100 content is now available as of October 13 on the UBITS platform; An additional 1,000 pieces of content will be added on October 31, closing the year with a total of 5,000 pieces of content, including 1,438 short videos. This way, by December 31, the B2B Learning Center will have a total of 11 thousand content available to its students.

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