Venezuela hosts International Progressive Theater Festival (+ photo)

At a press conference shown Friday in the Hugo Chavez Square of the National Experimental University of the Arts, the president specified that the event will also have an intensive theoretical programme, consisting of workshops, talks and presentations by theater groups from Argentina and Cuba. Russia and the United States.

Villegas highlighted the cultural potential of Venezuela by organizing events of this kind despite the obstacles associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and the coercive measures of the United States against the South American country,

The title also highlighted the ability of peoples to dialogue through the arts in a faster, more frank and dynamic way, the Culture Ministry said in a press release.

Under the theme Let Humanity Be Human, the first edition of the Progressive Theater Festival will see companies from Argentina, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, the Canary Islands, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Rwanda, Uruguay, the United States and Russia.

The source explained that the theatrical performance program will include 17 performances and 49 performances, in addition to a wide range of training and exchange activities.

Advocates of national tables from 14 countries in the country will be added to foreign shows, with a total of 135 shows, 47 shows and 490 artists.

During July, Venezuela will also be the stage for the 3rd Student Theater Festival Cesar Rengivo, from 4 to 15, and the University Festival of Performing Arts, from 8 to 15.

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