Cuernavaca receives the Ambassador of the United Kingdom – El Sol de Cuernavaca

After touring Borda GardenThe The UK Ambassador to Mexico, John Benjaminarrived in Cuernavaca City Museum To be officially welcomed by The Mayor of Cuernavaca, Jose Luis Oriostegui Salgado.

The ambassador admitted that Cuernavaca is one of the cities committed to the environment, so it will participate in various programs of Charter of the United KingdomAmong them, the Palmyra Street bike path stands out.

It is worth noting that Cuernavaca is part of this program thanks to the intervention and request of a group of cyclists who call themselves “the brave”The initiative RE-ACTIVA.MX It will promote strategies that promote cycling in different routes of the municipality, which is the boundary between the UK-Mexico alliance.

It is necessary to remember that Cuernavaca is the first time you are involved in the call city ​​bikewhich brought the two cultures closer to working in favor of the environment.

Long live the British bonds in Cuernavaca! John Benjamin concluded.

The mayor of the capital stated that the ambassador’s visit was for him to get acquainted with a part of the city and to follow up on the delivery of the document proving Cuernavaca as one of the 11 cities that will receive advice on cycling.

He admitted that the ambassador and the mayor spoke in a private meeting about trade relations and tourism issues as well as the products that Cuernavaca has such as the production of plants, avocados and others in order to promote economic change in the capital. So he saw in the visit an opportunity for more tourists to decide to visit the capital of Morelos, as the United Kingdom is the third country that attracts more tourists in the country “You will find resonance in many of your citizens to come to our city, which will stimulate the increase of economic benefit”The mayor said.

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Likewise, the municipality will be able to encourage more foreigners to visit not only the tourist part but also the part of learning a new language, and this is on purpose, The mayor indicated that he had received a few days ago young people from the United States, Africa and Japan who came to the capital to learn Spanish..

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