Use the Game Boy Camera for FaceTime video calls

They’ve managed to get the Game Boy camera to work on iPadOS 17.

Game Boy camera connected to iPad Pro

from Mac Stories They enjoy tinkering with all kinds of gadgets, accessories and electronic devices to the fullest. One of their latest inventions has allowed them to do just that Connect your Game Boy camera to your iPad, and stream photos via FaceTime video calls And if that’s not challenging enough… running iPadOS 17!

The Game Boy is one of the most beloved handheld consoles by die-hard video game fans, especially those born in the 80s or early 90s, and bundling this old console with a next-gen tablet is a rather nice combination. Let’s see how he managed Federico Viticithe master of the technological arts at MacStories, to pull off such an endearing feat.

Connecting the Game Boy camera to the Apple iPad

Federico Vitici worked Crazy crazy Miracle: I connected a Game Boy camera to my iPad for a FaceTime video call in iPadOS 17.

It seems like it all started when he tried to play games from… Nintendo Switch On your iPad Pro. And he found that with FaceTime he could use a webcam from the Studio Display, so he could use the camera Other devices as the video source.

So Take advantage of the bug and connected a steam surface To iPad Pro and… voila! cauldron ring on facetime. 😂

Boy toy

It’s possible to use any camera with FaceTime

Finally he completed his strange feat Connecting the Game Boy Camera to the iPad Promaking a FaceTime video call with pixelated video image brings back wonderful and nostalgic memories.

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It’s undoubtedly a real technological feat, and while it doesn’t have an overly practical use, it’s a lot of fun. Hats off!

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