Uruguay shares optimism regarding the Mercosur-EU negotiations

This was attended by the Vice Chancellor of Uruguay, Nicolas Albertoni, and the European Union Ambassador, Paolo Perazzi, who participated in the second European Business Meeting in Uruguay this year.

Albertoni said the upcoming Mercosur meeting in Paraguay “could be a summit where we can see good news about progress in what could be the most important regional agreement in the world.”

For his part, Perazi expressed that the negotiations have intensified in recent weeks, with special attention paid to sustainability issues, and other issues that Mercosur partners have put on the table.

He stressed that there will be a reduction in customs tariffs, liberalization of activity sectors, and new predictable and transparent rules that will also attract new investments, create jobs, encourage innovation and improve productivity.

He stressed that the European Union is interested in reviewing consular fees and the structure of port prices with different rates for imported and exported products and the presence of 19 different food records in the state directorates and import permits.

Perhaps it is time for a review to simplify procedures and reduce costs. He pointed out that this would generate more trade and improve the country’s competitiveness.


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