Urban gardens are a natural medicine

Guadalajara, Jalisco.

If you have already decided so Feed yourself mindfully And start your urban garden at home, you are not alone.

There is a network of orchardists in Jalisco that accompanies those who start this path and this change. It doesn’t matter how far they are from each other: they go and visit each other Do “Tikyo” (Community work).

  • During the month of August, members Different groups Located in Guadalajara, they had to make a “tikio” in Los García Park: Marisela, who I told you about in the previous parts, to help her.

After hours of work, everyone shares the table and prepares food they have grown themselves. Products and seeds are exchanged They remind each other that they are not alone and that those moments are worth cultivating independently and responsibly.

In Guadalajara, for example, there is a corner in the neighborhood called Revolution “An orchard in the neighborhood” Who was born in 2020.

Aha: In the middle of the pandemic. And In this field, people are trained to create gardens in their homes, harvest their own food and eat healthier.

Huerto en el Barrio leads Akometer and Miriam Torres. They share what are you looking for This community space.

“One of the missions of Huerto en el Barrio is to participate, that people can come to help and feel that they are part of this, and that with a little contribution more things can be done, exchanges, that they tell us, for example, we can go paint, come and paint.” With paint and we will provide you with food and drinks. The goal here is to become a community, a place for everyone“We always invite people to share their knowledge, teach it and use it as well.”

  • During the week they have different activities that involve not only the neighborhood, but also people from other neighborhoods, cities, and even other states. They offer low-cost or sometimes free workshops that provide the tools needed to survive independent farming and share knowledge and products.
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Akometer invites people to This space.

There is no institute or government related to the topic here.Here we believe in people and in people’s talent and brilliance. Come to Huerto en el Barrio, you will be surprised by what we do. We are working people, we are people who earn money day by day to continue generating money and it is very nice to earn money by right. Come see Huerto en el Barrio because we feed the neighborhood.

Only this Self-regulation is what the Urban Parks Ordinance does not contemplateOn the contrary, he wants to limit this by setting standards on how these four types of parks should be organized and what they should be: family, private, community and educational.

This means the law could stop community organizations that seek only to grow their own food. And that’s exactly what happened when Al-Bustan, Anger and Memory Collection It attempted to plant corn in the central center of Federalismo Street, and its members were encased and moved to the walls for two hours.

“Let’s open up the scope before passing a law that risks privatization or allows land to be more available for commercial purposes than community space,” that will be the discussion.

On October 16, Urban Agriculture Network The Guadalajara Metropolitan Region issued a statement distancing itself from the agreements that emerged in 2020, at work tables with the Institute for Planning and Management of the Development of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Region (IMPLAN).

According to what they said, this document had other purposes, however In the end, the authorities use it as an argument to legitimize the participation of these groups to Urban parks To create the law promoted by Representative Alejandra Giandance Valenzuela.

This is the law that has now sounded the alarm because of its intention to control the land and water and those who work in them.

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